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We provide masterclasses from world renowned experts who are brought in to share their knowledge with you. Our small class sizes and face to face delivery means that you will spend one on one time with people who have shaped their respective industries. Their knowledge of the work practices of places like Weta Workshops, Epic Games, and other big name companies will help you understand what it takes to be employed by the best.

Our Philosophy

SkillTree is a world class academy of learning which provides education pathways that encompass creative technologies, traditional & digital art forms, artisanal arts, and crafts. Students are guided by master craftspersons, industry professionals, and passionate educators to provide a nurturing, flexible learning environment that encourages success through hands-on experience and the exponential power of collaborative creativity. Whether your goal is to become better at your job, or better at your craft, we can help you achieve your goals.

Effective Teaching

Proven project based learning provides the skills in a no nonsense and natural approach to learning.

Traditional Roots

Whether digital or traditional application, all subjects are approached from a theory based framework, which is grounded in traditional art, design, and engineering practices.

looking forward

Understanding the foundations of a project allows you to tinker with the rules, and sometimes break them in order to innovate upon past ideas.


creative and collaborative project based learning

Our subject matter experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. They have been highly successful in their chosen field and understand how much work and dedication it takes to succeed. Their experiences allow you to learn the hard lessons, without the years of experiences and obstacles they were required to endure to perfect their craft. It is this guidance that will help you understand not only how to do something, but why you are doing it. Bringing this knowledge to someone who is willing to put the effort in is what we are passionate about.

SkillTree also provides community based learning to ensure that if you are keen to take up a new hobby, or to keep yourself up to date on the latest tools and techniques for your job, we have you covered. Our aim is to provide a diverse and interesting collection of classes! We are endlessly excited by learning new things, and want to share that excitement by bringing in subject matter experts to help inspire you to create something you can either be proud to put in your home, or sell in a store.

Meet our Team

The STEAM Engine

SkillTree New Zealand is a provider and consultant of project based learning, specialising in STEAM content. Our aim is to deliver meaningful experiences for our students through mentorship, hands on application of theory, and small class sizes. Focused on quality over quantity, results over promises, and the best in the industry to guide your learning.

Mike Porter CEO

Mike brings 20 years of game development, 6 years of tertiary education, and over 20 years of management experience to Skilltree. Mike is passionate about games, movies, special effects make-up, digital and practical effects for movies. He is also a traditional artist who enjoys painting and sculpting.

Simon Hamid CTD

Simon the Creative Technical Director brings his 20 years of business management experience and operating successful, creative oriented businesses in New Zealand to SkillTree. His passions are digital music production, musical instrument design and performance along with a lifetime experience tinkering, inventing and producing electronic gadgets and software applications.

Kim Segel International Partner

Kim has worked in Hollywood since 1991 on television shows such as Attack of the Show, Talk Soup, E! True Hollywood Stories and many others. His expertise in visual effects, producing, sound and music editing are the strengths he brings to his teaching practice. Kim has worked in games, television, and film, is a print author and university lecturer. His student intern programme has had over 700 students who have helped shape Hollywood history on the big and small screen.